YouTube tests the video summary feature using artificial intelligence

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Google is expanding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology or artificial intelligence in its products and services. Among reports claiming the tech giant is bringing generative capabilities to Assistant, its streaming platform Youtube below Google has announced that it is testing an AI-powered video summary feature.

Reported by Gadgets now, technology TO THE will automatically generate a YouTube video summary of the contents of the content. This summary will not replace the video description provided by the creator. With these automatically generated summaries on YouTube, users will be able to decide if the video is right for them. Users will see this summary on the watch and search pages.

“This experiment was only run with a small number of videos and viewers, so if you see the feature, please let us know what you think by sending us feedback!” says YouTube on their support page.

YouTube Shorts AI

This isn’t the first time AI has been used on YouTube. In May, Google DeepMind, a joint team of DeepMind and Brain AI, shared details about one of its visual language models (VLM). A VLM, called Flamingo, is said to be used to create YouTube Shorts descriptions.

“Shorts are created in minutes and often don’t include a supporting description or title, making them harder to find via search. So we introduced our Flamingo visual language model to help generate descriptions,” Google DeepMind explained in the upload.


Flamingo can create descriptions by analyzing the opening frame of the video to explain what happened and create descriptions on all new short videos. Descriptions are stored as metadata on YouTube, which makes short videos easier to find. This means that users will be able to quickly search for Short’s videos on YouTube.

Google Play Store AI Generatif

Also, earlier this year, Google provided a generative AI tool for Play Store developers in an effort to make it easier for them to list apps listings. It also started out as an experimental feature designed to reduce the effort required to compile listings in the app store. Beyond that, the company is also bringing AI to other products like Workspace applications.

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