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GUNA maximizing the user experience, Youtube has made another upgrade to their platform. YouTube is introducing six new features to its app.

This update focuses on the short video content of Shorts, making it easier and more enjoyable. The short video product Shorts was first introduced around 2021 and has now attracted over two billion monthly users.

As reported by Antara, YouTube has announced six new features that are set to roll out in the coming weeks, one of which is the feature to turn horizontal videos into vertical Short videos.

The six new features, which allow Short’s creators to customize the layout, zoom and crop selected video segments, and offer a split-screen effect, are currently in testing. The feature of converting horizontal videos to vertical videos allows users to keep important parts of their longer videos.

In addition, there is also the Collab feature, a feature that allows creators to record Short videos in a side-by-side format with YouTube videos or other Shorts. This feature offers various layout options, such as vertical or horizontal split-screen settings so that users can more conveniently adjust to their needs.

The third feature is the Q&A sticker, where creators can interact with their audience by asking questions and getting answers in the comments section. It will be a fun new way to engage creators and their customers.

YouTube also provides a Live Streaming feature, now creators can live stream and share experiences with their subscribers in the form of vertical videos like Short. The feature is currently in testing and the currently live creators will be visible in the Short feed section.

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Viewers who are part of the quiz can check out vertical live videos that are merged into the Shorts feed.

For the fifth feature, YouTube provides Suggestions that allow creators to find content creation ideas from other creators using similar audio or effects as desired.

With Suggestions, from the Short screen, creators can use the “Remix” option and then select “Use audio”. Creators will automatically be able to use audio like other shorts.

Finally there’s the Playlists feature, now for finding inspiration. Shorts users can also create playlists and save those inspirational Shorts. This way, creators and other users can collect videos with effects or music that they want to use for future Short videos.

Currently the six features are still being tested for Android and iOS device users. It is not yet known whether this feature can be used on devices other than smartphones.

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