YouTube creators become the backbone of Indonesia’s digital economy

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Ecosystem growth Creator and partners Youtube has generated significant economic value for the Indonesian economy, according to a new YouTube report with independent consultancy Oxford Economics.

Gautam Anand, vice president and managing director of YouTube Asia Pacific, said that more than 600,000 creators in Indonesia have earned revenue related to their presence on YouTube and more than 6,000 channels in Indonesia have earned from products. monetization alternatives only in December 2022, an increase of 170% compared to the previous year.

As creators and artists build a new generation of media companies with global reach, their impact on overall economic success will clearly increase. “We continue to focus on developing this creative ecosystem and helping creators succeed through various partner programs, capacity building initiatives and other monetization options,” Gautam said in Jakarta, Thursday, October 26, 2023.

This report highlights the impact and influence of YouTube’s creator base development in Indonesia, along with its ripple effects on the overall creative economy across five vertical sectors, namely small and medium enterprises (SMEs), education, creativity, music and media.

The creative economy in this country has the potential to become a soft power, as a factor that can influence economic growth, job creation and even culture. Three years ago, Indonesian creators only had one way to monetize on YouTube, namely the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), but now they can build a business and earn money in 8 ways on YouTube.

As many as 86% of creators who earn from YouTube agree that revenue from advertising on their YouTube content is an important source of income for them, while 73% of SMEs who use YouTube agree that this platform is very important for the growth of your business. Business.

“As the world becomes increasingly connected, YouTube has become a video-sharing platform that inspires many creators to not only express their creative ideas, but also turn their efforts into profitable businesses,” explained Olavina Harahap, Senior Product Marketing Manager, YouTube Southeast Asia. referring to 2022 data showing that the number of channels earning IDR 100 million per year increased by 35% year on year.


Meanwhile, nearly 70% of media companies agree that YouTube is an important source of revenue for them. 73% of media companies with YouTube channels agree that YouTube helps them reach new audiences around the world. According to this report, 76% of users agree that YouTube provides equal learning and growth opportunities for everyone.

One of the many real-world examples we can find is Uncle APIQ, one of the largest math channels in Indonesia owned by a teacher from Bandung named Agus. Apart from this, there is also a musician from Lombok named Tami Aulia, who started her journey as a student who liked to learn and share knowledge about music while she performed folk songs. She is now a full-time musician with a channel that has over 3.96 million subscribers and a total of over 900 million views.

According to Devina Hermawan, a chef, content creator, entrepreneur and writer, the YouTube platform has the widest reach compared to other platforms. “I was very happy when I learned that some of my viewers had managed to open a home business because they had followed the recipes I had shared on YouTube,” Devina said.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has reminded successful YouTube creators to remember to pay their taxes. “We support anything that can increase creativity, but we are not hostile to taxes,” he said. He confirmed that this tax is important for Indonesia.

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