Yogyakarta Friday morning temperature hits 19.7 degrees, BMKG: Australian monsoon impact

TIME.CO, Yogyakarta – Council of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG extension) Yogyakarta disclose temperature Air as cold as 19 degrees Celsius in Yogyakarta Special Region on Friday morning, August 25, 2023, is affected by Australian monsoon wind movement.

Contacted by Antara in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta BMKG weather station chief Warjono said the Australian monsoon is a movement of wind from the Australian lowlands towards the Asian lowlands that passes through Indonesian territory. “The Australian monsoon brings cold, dry air masses,” Warjono said on Friday.

He continued, when cold air masses pass through the Indonesian territory, especially the southern part of Indonesia of Java, Bali, NTT, including Yogyakarta, it will cause rare cases of rain and minimal cloud cover.

With minimal cloud cover, he said, daytime solar radiation will be transmitted directly to the earth’s surface so people will feel the searing heat. Meanwhile, at night, Warjono continued, people will feel cooler air temperatures because there’s no solar radiation.

Heat received during the day at the Earth’s surface, he explained, is immediately released unhindered into the atmosphere or space. “Due to minimal cloud cover, we will feel cooler air temperatures,” she explained.


Head of Yogyakarta BMKG Climatic Station Reni Kraningtyas added that the cold air temperature on Friday morning at 06:00 WIB in Yogyakarta was recorded at 19.7 degrees Celsius, causing fog to appear in Sleman Regency and neighboring areas. its surroundings.

According to him, the formation of fog is a natural phenomenon that occurs often, that is, when the air near the ground is sufficiently saturated with water vapor and usually the water vapor content in the air has an air humidity close to 100 %.

“After our check, the air humidity was quite high, around 98% and the air temperature this morning around 6 am was quite cold, 19.7 degrees Celsius, so it was possible that fog would form at Sleman and its environs,” Reny said.

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