X pays content creators IDR 309 billion to increase engagement and revenue

TIME.CO, JakartaXthe platform formerly known as Twitterpaid 20 million dollars (about 309 billion rupees) to content creator in a few months. The announcement comes from X CEO Linda Yaccarino, who revealed the platform’s significant investment in its community of creators.

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The initiative, launched in July, allows verified users with more than 500 followers to earn a share of advertising revenue generated from responses to their posts, provided they have accumulated more than 5 million tweet impressions in the past three months.

Elon Musk, owner of

“This exponential increase in payments indicates a large number of content creators joining the program or a spike in ad impressions on the platform,” said Gizmochina, September 30, 2023. Users are now incentivized to drive engagement on their tweets, highlighting a shift towards encouraging engaging conversations.

The transformation of the X under Musk’s ownership has been quite dramatic. Once a microblogging service, it has now evolved into what is called the “Everything App”. At the heart of this transformation is a change in the approach towards users, enabling them to become content creators.


The revenue sharing model not only benefits content creators but also keeps the platform attractive to advertisers. Advertisers now have the opportunity to reach a broader audience through engaging content.

To participate in the program, X users must subscribe to a Premium or Verified organization that has a minimum of 500 followers and 5 million organic impressions on their posts in the last three months. Monetized ads in this program are ads that appear in response to content creators’ posts, thus encouraging the creation of interesting and meaningful content.

However, Initiative X is not without limitations. To maintain a safe and positive environment, X prohibits content relating to sexual content, violence, criminal activity, gambling, drugs, alcohol and fraudulent schemes. Additionally, copyrighted content that does not belong to the creator cannot be monetized, thus ensuring compliance with ethical and legal standards.

The move marks a significant change for X, which has historically struggled to convert user followers into financial gain. By allowing content creators to monetize their content and encouraging vibrant engagement, X creates a win-win situation for users, advertisers, and the platform itself.

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