X Elon Musk will install Premium subscription fees immediately

TIME.CO, JakartaElon Musk said on Friday, October 20, 2023, that social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, will soon launch two new premium membership tiers.

“One is cheaper with all the features, but without reduced advertising, and the other is more expensive, but without advertising,” Musk said in a post on X, cited by Reuters.

Musk, who took over the platform in October 2022, has sought to boost revenue by charging users fees and courting advertisers, who stopped buying ads after Musk fired most employees and disbanded the media moderation team. contents.

Musk acknowledged that the platform has seen a decline in revenue and blamed activists for pressuring advertisers.

While it didn’t provide further details on subscription plans, a test case from X earlier this week suggested some restrictions for users who don’t want to pay for the service.

X began charging new users in New Zealand and the Philippines a $1 trial fee to access the platform.

New users who choose not to sign up will only be able to perform “read-only” actions, such as reading posts, watching videos and following accounts, the company said on its site.

The “Not a Bot” platform subscription method aims to reduce spam, platform manipulation and bot activity.


Other large tech companies have also experimented with combined advertising and subscription plans. While Alphabet’s YouTube (GOOGL.O) offers free and paid ad-supported services, Netflix’s (NFLX.O) ad-supported plans also cost money, albeit at a lower price.

YouTube, like X is filled with user content, shares a portion of subscription revenue with content creators. X, which also splits some of its advertising revenue with content creators, does not disclose whether the content creator will be paid in free subscription models for advertising.

To generate revenue, Musk began charging $8 a month for a blue check subscription service and offering discounts to companies for advertising on the platform.

But as the company faces criticism for poor content moderation, advertisers don’t want their ads appearing next to inappropriate content.

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