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JAKARTA– Why doesn’t the verification code arrive? sms? This question often arises for users mobile phone who want to register or log in to an account and have to wait for the code via SMS.

If so, it is not impossible that the process will fail. This will definitely bother you.

In general, if you have not entered the verification code, then the previously registered email or number has not been registered. In other cases, however, the verification code was not entered but the email and number were immediately recorded.

Therefore, there are several causes that need to be known, as cited by various sources, Tuesday (9/5/2023).

1. Double check your email and mobile number

One of the reasons why the verification code is not sent is because the number or email you entered or registered is wrong. For example, a cell phone number should be registered with 12 digits but quickly decreases or increases to 11 or 13 digits. Meanwhile, for emails, writing a difficult and long email address is the main factor.

2. Check your SIM card

If you think you have entered your mobile number correctly but it is still not verified, then you need to check again whether the installed SIM is still active or not.

The reason is that the mobile number used to send the SMS OTP code must be active. Because otherwise the delivery will definitely fail because the destination phone number cannot be found by the system.

For this reason it is necessary to first ensure that the user’s mobile number or telephone number is active and used on the device they own, so that the OTP code can be immediately received and used correctly.


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3. Check data storage

Data storage space can also be one of the factors causing the verification code or OTP to fail.

It may be that this causes the verification code not to be entered immediately because the memory is full.

SMS also requires storage space to function optimally, just like other applications. For this reason, don’t forget to check your SMS storage space again and delete unnecessary data

If so, you can try restarting your mobile if you find that no new messages have arrived, usually this method is quite effective in solving the above problem.

4. Check the network

It is not excluded that one of the reasons why the verification code or SMS OTP is not received is that the available network has problems. This usually happens because maintenance is performed periodically, resulting in messages containing OTP codes not being received by users.

Of course, for this problem the solution is completely left to the cellular service provider. However, by using the WhatsApp OTP code, users may still be able to receive it if they are connected to an active WiFi internet network.

5. SMS blocking

SMS blocking could also be one of the reasons why the verification code does not arrive in the SMS. Usually this happens because there are settings related to blocking SMS from numbers that are not saved on the smartphone.

This setting is used so that users do not receive spam SMS aimed at committing crimes.

If this happens to you, try checking the SMS Settings section through the available features. Then make sure that your smartphone can receive SMS and phone calls from all telephone numbers, without exception. You can reset these settings once the OTP code verification has finished processing.

This is the discussion about the verification code not arriving via SMS. I hope it is useful.

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