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JAKARTA – Why is satellite Internet more expensive than regular Internet? Even though satellite internet has a broadband connection which is slower than regular internet and weather conditions often become an obstacle for satellite internet. In Indonesia alone, satellite Internet subscription costs IDR 1 to 10 million.

Satellite Internet is a way that many people use to access fast Internet, usually used for education, healthcare, government, business services, or areas that do not yet have a terrestrial communications network. The way this internet service works is what makes it quite expensive.

In most cases, the limitations of satellite technology imply the need for expensive funds. This includes speed, data and equipment such as home satellite dishes and geostationary or low Earth orbit satellite infrastructure.

Internet service providers will send satellites into space to orbit the earth. The ISP then relies on a direct signal via one of the satellites in low or high Earth orbit and a satellite dish that picks up the signal.

Receivers are usually placed in homes, utilities, businesses, or certain places where there are no obstacles in the sky such as cables. You will connect the modem to the satellite dish to translate the incoming signal into the Internet connection you are using. Users also need electricity to keep the receiver powered up.

Although it does not rely on cable, fiber or telephone lines, this technology is not well developed in rural areas due to population scarcity, meaning that service providers have to spend more to cover more areas and bring the same number of Internet users. .

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For a fairly high price, satellite Internet can reach many areas that do not yet have broadband Internet. Many Internet service companies also offer packages suited to the needs of their users. Furthermore, the news that Elon Musk’s Starlink will be present in Indonesia means that Internet availability in remote areas will become increasingly widespread.

Satellite Internet is the right solution and is suitable for use in areas that are still unreachable or remote. And this is the reason that makes satellite Internet more expensive than regular Internet. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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