Why is it forbidden to shoot lasers at airplanes?

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Fire laser to an aircraft is an illegal act and endangers the flight. Therefore this action is prohibited. Why?

Reported by Computer training systemsa laser beam occurs when a laser beam is directed airplane it temporarily blinded the pilot and caused him to lose control of the aircraft.

This could lead to a disaster if the laser beam occurs during a critical moment in flight, such as takeoff or landing. At that critical moment, the pilots needed a full view to avoid danger.

As laser technology becomes more accessible, the likelihood of a laser shot increases significantly. In addition to being dangerous to pilots and those on board, laser shots pose an additional risk to aviation professionals as they can be held responsible for the damage they cause.


Laser strikes can also interfere with in-flight communication systems and interfere with navigational equipment potentially causing loss of control of the aircraft.

Laser attacks can also target air traffic controllers (ATC extension). This prevented controllers from safely guiding aircraft due to laser jams that blinded their radar screens.

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