Why does TikTok account close by itself? This is the cause: Okezone techno

ADA the reason why the account Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock it comes out by itself as you use it, because you will feel uncomfortable and very annoying if you come across a Tiktok account that suddenly has an error.

Of course, there are various errors or system errors on Tiktok that users are unaware of.

Below are the reasons why a TikTok account quits on its own:

1. Full storage space

The main reason why TikTok accounts experience errors is because the storage space is full. Full memory will definitely hinder the performance of the mobile in loading an application.

2. A bug has occurred

The big effect of having a bug is to cause the application to crash so that it can’t load and exit on its own.

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3. TikTok app out of date

Another cause is that the application data is out of date. Conditions like this make the application unable to function properly during processing.

After knowing the cause, here’s how to deal with a disconnected Tiktok account:

1. Clean storage space

The first way to deal with your Tiktok account dropping frequently is to diligently clean up your storage space. This step was done to make the phone’s job easier in loading heavy applications.

2. Clear cache

The second way to deal with a TikTok account that suddenly abandons you is to delete all cache stored in the application. Because there are many cases of users who have successfully loaded their accounts because they managed to use this method. You can do this by accessing the default settings of your phone’s application.

3. Update the application

Diligently updating the application is an effective way to overcome TikTok account abandonment. Because the developer fixed the bug by presenting the latest version update.

4. Restore factory settings

The fourth very effective way to deal with abandoning a TikTok account is to factory reset it.

Because the smartphone will automatically delete all the applications you have downloaded, updating the system like a new cell phone from the factory.


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