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JAKARTA – Why does iPhone heat up quickly while charging? This is one of the things that is often asked by users of smartphones with the bitten apple logo.

You should know that prolonged high temperatures can cause interference and damage, damage internal components and permanently reduce battery life, obviously this is not healthy for your iPhone.

But keep in mind that hot phones while charging are relatively common, not only on Apple devices but on other brands as well.

Below are some of the most common causes that can cause an iPhone to overheat while charging, as cited by various sources, Thursday (9/14/2023).

Why does iPhone heat up quickly while charging?

1. Overload

When a phone is plugged in for charging and the battery reaches 100%, most phones are programmed to continue to power the battery even if it is full.

This excess energy has nowhere to go and will cause the device to overheat.

2. Poor ventilation

If your phone does not have enough space or ventilation around it while charging, the heat generated by the phone’s internal components will not be able to escape and will cause the phone to overheat.

Make sure there is enough space for air circulation around the device while it is charging.

3. Fake charger or cable

Counterfeit chargers or cables can cause overheating. If you use a charger that isn’t specifically designed for your phone, it may cause excessive heat production while charging.

4. Excessive use while charging

Using the device while it is charging can produce additional heat and stress on the battery.

Excessive use while charging may cause the device to overheat and should be avoided if possible.

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