Why do WA phones often shut down by themselves? This is the solution: Okezone techno

WHY WA phone often turns itself off, even if you are having an important conversation? There are several reasons why phones using WA often glitch thus hampering your work.

Therefore, it is necessary to study the causes of WA phones often turning off during communication before looking for a solution. As reported by various sources, the following reviews.

Unstable connection

One reason it happens often is due to high ping and unstable connection. Phone calls, both voice and video, need a more stable connection. Sometimes, even if your connection is stable, this can happen if the other person has a bad connection.

Out of memory space

This application requires a lot of memory space, especially if your friends regularly send photos or videos. As a result, this will definitely affect the performance of the WhatsApp application. Well, it’s a good idea to delete junk files or caches in applications that accumulate and are rarely cleaned.

While the application cache is actually useful for speeding up the opening of applications, if it is cleaned infrequently it can actually cause several problems.

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Low battery

Low or dead battery, that is why WA suddenly disconnects. If at some point it is not charged immediately, the call will be automatically terminated by the system so that the device does not discharge at all.

The application has not been updated

If the application has not been updated, usually the performance of the application will not be optimal and sometimes annoying errors will appear. One of them is the mistake that, like the editorial staff, discussed in this article, namely phone calls that often disconnect and turn off by themselves.

Server crashes

Finally, the reason why WA phones often shut down by themselves may be due to interference from WhatsApp servers. When there is a repair or maintenance process, the application cannot be used for a while. Similarly, when the WA application is used to make a call, it will automatically disconnect.

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