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JAKARTA – Why Video on Yandex can’t you play? Some Yandex users have definitely encountered problems playing videos.

There are several ways to solve video playback problems in Yandex. But first, Yandex users need to know why the video will not play.

Below are several reasons why videos on Yandex cannot be played, reported by various sources on Thursday (9/7/2023), for mutual information.

1. Weak Internet Connection

One of the most common problems why videos on Yandex do not play is an unstable Internet connection. A weak Internet connection affects video playback in the Yandex search engine.

Try reloading the page or try again once your Internet connection improves. This way, the video will play normally again.

2. Cache and stored cookies

When too many cookies and cache are stored in your browser, it will interfere with video playback capabilities. This happens because the stored information affects how the browser interacts with Yandex.

To resolve this issue, clear cache data and cookies stored in your browser. After that, try playing the video in Yandex again.

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3. Outdated or unsupported device

Hardware and operating system are determining factors in whether videos play smoothly or not. Videos on Yandex cannot be played because the device or operating system is old.

As a result they cannot support more modern video playback. There is no harm in considering hardware upgrade or operating system upgrade, it is also possible.

4. There is a problem with the video itself

Sometimes video playback problems occur in Yandex because there was a problem with the video content. This could be a technical issue that occurs when the video conversion process is not going well.

Also, this problem may occur because the video is in a format not supported by Yandex. Generally Yandex supports video playback formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV and others.

5. Copyright and regional restrictions

Videos on Yandex cannot be played due to copyright factors and regional video restrictions. Some content may only be displayed in certain regions. Yandex users from other regions must obtain special permission to view them.

These are 5 reasons why videos on Yandex do not play. Thank you.

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