Why are airplane windows oval or round?

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Have you ever noticed the shape airplane window? Why are they round or oval and not square or rectangular like most windows?

Quoted from Reader’s Digest, initially airplane windows were made in a square shape. This condition existed until the 1950s, in an era when planes flew slower and lower. At that time there were two tragic events that happened to the De Havilland Comets aircraft.

The aircraft had an accident during flight in 1953 and 1954. The cause was metal fatigue failure or metal fatigue failure originating from the square window corner.

Quoted from How things work, engineers determined that the sharp edges of the plane’s square windows created a natural weak point, leading to metal fatigue failure. These corners are easily compressed and are further weakened by air pressure at high altitudes.

In contrast, round or oval windows are able to distribute pressure evenly because they have no corners to concentrate pressure, thus reducing the risk of cracks or breakages.


The round shape is also stronger and more resistant to deformation, making it better able to withstand repeated pressure differences between the inside and outside of the aircraft.

Additionally, the plane also has several layers of acrylic between the inside and outside of the plane. This layer is made to provide additional protection from weather changes such as rain, wind and fog.

While bleed holes, small holes in the bottom, are created to add an extra layer of protection, helping to protect air pressure inside the aircraft at a relatively constant level allowing air to pass through several layers of windows.

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