WhatsApp users can send HD photos, no need to go through documents

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Messaging platform service Whatsapp announced a new feature for sending high quality or high definition (HD) photos. “For those special moments that friends and family want to enjoy in every little detail, you now have the ability to share photos in higher resolution,” WhatsApp said in a written statement on Friday, August 18, 2023.

WhatsApp feature send HD photos

Meta administrator Mark Zukerberg announced it WhatsApp functionality to share photos in HD resolution. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to share HD photos with contacts on WhatsApp.

This is in response to one of the most common complaints about poor quality photos when shared via WhatsApp chats. Many users send photos through options Documents OR Document which allows you to share full resolution photos in document format on WhatsApp.

But it’s a complicated process. The user needs to select the Document option and then proceed file manager to find a specific photo, then share it. Quoted from Gadgets now, With this new feature, users can share photos up to 12 megapixels or MP. The native resolution is approximately 4000×3000. This can be more or less depending on the photo to be shared.

Regular photos on WhatsApp are around 960p resolution. This is about three times less than HD photos. Users just need to activate to alternate One-time HD to apply to all selected photos. The HD option while sharing photos on this platform is also available when users take photos directly from the WhatsApp camera.


WhatsApp hasn’t changed the maximum sharing limit for HD photos. The maximum limit is 100 photos at a time and applies to HD photos. The HD option will only be available with original high resolution photos. That is, if the photo does not have a resolution of approximately 4000×3000, then to alternate HD will not appear

To share HD photos, open WhatsApp and an individual or group chat window. Tap the attachment icon and select the Gallery icon. Select one or more photos to share, touch the icon TIC Tac. Tap the HD icon at the top of the Preview page and hit Send to share.


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