WhatsApp users can create anonymous group chats, these are the benefits

TIME.CO, Jakarta Whatsapp it will soon allow users to create new group chats without having to nominate, says Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. Groups that don’t have an auto-generated name based on attendees. In the screenshot shared by Zuckerberg, you can see one of the groups titled “Rocco & Li-Chen”.

While this is a seemingly trivial feature, unnaming group chats can come in handy when sending group messages for non-continuing events or tasks. For some, seeing the participant list in the chat list instead of the unobtrusive group chat title will be an improvement.

Second TechCrunch quoted The limit, unnamed groups will be limited to a maximum of six participants, not the thousands more that can usually be made on a normal WhatsApp group. The app will use the name of the individual contact that the user has saved to make it the “name” of the group.

This means that the group name will appear differently for different participants. Therefore, if a user has a contact named “Mom”, she will see the word “Mom” in the name of the group chat.


This new feature will be available globally for WhatsApp users in the coming days on iOS, Android, web and macOS. This functionality will join a number of new WhatsApp features officially announced in recent months, such as support for sending less compressed images, an instant video messaging feature and screen sharing.

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