WhatsApp Beta Testing the use of special stickers with the assistance of artificial intelligence: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Whatsapp The beta introduced a new feature to the Android version that allows users to create custom stickers with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

This feature allows users to create stickers according to their wishes without having to design frills. Users just need to provide the description they want, and then the AI ​​will create an image based on the text they provide.

At first glance, this feature is really similar to GPT-3 which can produce human-like text based on commands. Later the stickers made by the AI ​​can also be rearranged before being sent to the recipient.

This feature itself is considered a new way of communicating. WhatsApp users can also generate multiple stickers that suit their personality.

This development also enhances WhatsApp as a more visionary messaging application than its competitors. Gizchina, on Wednesday (8/16/2023) wrote that this feature will revolutionize the way many people communicate.

It seems that the meta itself has made a lot of changes to WhatsApp. Only in the latest they have presented many features like screen sharing in video, to make video calls like Zoom et al.

According to the rumors circulating, the AI ​​sticker function has just entered the test phase by a number of users. Later this functionality will start to be implemented in general in the near future.

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