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JAKARTA – Many people wonder how tall he is Starlink satellite? Because recently the United States Internet service development company, Starlink, has been widely discussed by network users.

How could it not be, the company owns it Elon Musk It is currently rumored that it will begin expanding satellite Internet services globally.

According to multiple reports, Starlink will expand its reach to include Indonesia in 2024. So is it true? For more details, see this review.

Here, Okezone summarizes several sources, Friday (9/8/2023) regarding the existence of Starlink and the height of its satellites.

For those who don’t know, Starlink is a satellite Internet service development company owned by Elon Musk as he also owns SpaceX. So is Starlink internet service already present in Indonesia?

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Currently, the presence of a wireless internet service from the United States called Starlink is not yet available in Indonesia. Its presence will begin to be considered in 2024.

He demonstrates this by launching the official Starlink page, explaining that Starlink will also target your area starting in 2024.

“Order now to reserve your Starlink. Starlink is targeting service in your area starting in 2024. Availability is subject to regulatory approval. Within each coverage area, orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.” based on the Starlink site.

What is the height of the Starlink satellites?

Launched by the same source, it was also explained that the Tesla boss’ satellite service was obtained from a single satellite circling the Earth from a height of 35,786 km.

However, if the implementation of Starlink in Indonesia were to be realized, there would be detailed costs that will have to be borne by users.

There is only a $9.00 deposit amount listed on the site that users need to pay if they are interested in using Starlink as a way to earn money. If converted into rupees, the cost that will be charged to consumers will be IDR 137 thousand.

Referring to the Internet speed in the United States, Starlink has a download speed of 66.59 Mbps, an upload speed of 7.74 Mbps, and a latency speed of 62 ms.

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