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EXISTENCE ghosts are still debated today, especially among science-minded scientists. Other than that, quite a few people are actually interested in researching ghosts.

Ghosts are one of the most widely regarded paranormal phenomena by the public. Countless how many people love to watch horror movies, novels and ghost stories.

A person’s belief in ghosts is usually based on personal experience when they see or hear something unusual. Even though it sounds scary, some people are really curious about ghosts and the truth.

As reported by Live Science, the majority of the population in all parts of the world believe that there are spirits who survived death to live in other realms. Even a 2019 Ipsos poll found that 46% of Americans believe in ghosts.

It is difficult to evaluate ghosts scientifically because every shocking event is associated with ghosts. For example a door that closes by itself, a lost key or a cold area in the corridor.

Sociologists Dennis and Michele Waskul interviewed whistleblowers about their experiences with ghosts for their book Ghostly Encounters: Haunting of Everyday Life (Temple University Press).

As a result, many of them are unsure whether they have encountered a ghost because they cannot find a figure that describes what a ghost looks like. The source still believes that what happened to him is extraordinary and cannot be explained.

The difficulty with science investigating ghosts is that there is no universally accepted definition of what a ghost is. Some consider him a lost spirit of the dead. There are also those who call ghosts telepathic entities projected into the world by the human mind.

While the idea of ​​ghosts isn’t known for sure, strange occurrences or ghost sightings can actually be explained by science.

As summarized by the Sun Journal, ghosts and supernatural events can be experienced by someone due to the power of suggestion. When someone is told about a haunted place, they will psychologically accept it and experience mystical events.

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A classic study of five people was conducted to explore theater. One of them was told that the place was anker. As a result, one participant experienced a more intense mystical event.

Then other factors related to electromagnetic fields and infrasound. Canadian neuroscientist Michael Persinger has shown that applying various electromagnetic fields to the temporal lobes of the brain can produce haunted experiences.

Supernatural events can also be experienced due to poison hallucinations. The perception of ghosts can result from reactions to toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and pesticides.

In addition there are also hallucinations of toadstools that stimulate ghost-related perceptions. Clarkson University researcher Shane Rogers and his team have observed similarities between paranormal experiences and the hallucinogenic effects of mold spores.

This could also be why ghost sightings can be seen in old buildings or unventilated rooms, so the air quality is poor.

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