What are Flares? This is the meaning and the correct way to use it

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Recently, glow or rockets have been widely discussed by the public since the 274-hectare fire occurred Mount Bromoprecisely located at Teletubbies Hill Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS). This fire was allegedly caused by the use of rockets as a pre-wedding photography concept on September 6, 2023.

The weather was quite hot, strong winds and dry grass all over the hills caught fire very easily, resulting in a fire tornado on September 10, 2023. Since the fire occurred, 100 people have been deployed to deal with it to the forest fires that continue to spread.

Unfortunately the fire spreads very easily and access is very difficult to achieve because the location is steep and hilly and makes it difficult to extinguish the fire. To date, of the 6 people who took part in the photo shoot, only one suspect has been named Andrie Wibowo Eka Wardhana as responsible for organizing the wedding.

The case is still ongoing and the investigation is more serious because the fire was not completely put out, causing damage to many people, while another five people are still witnesses. For this reason, let’s find out below about flares and how to use them.

What are Flares?

A rocket is a torch, tube, or projectile-shaped instrument that, when ignited, emits bright light and fire. This device containing pyrotechnic chemicals is easy to burn and is intended only for serious purposes, such as accidents, disasters and wars.

Having a variety of colors depending on the chemicals used, beacons must be used carefully so as not to cause fire, pollution or endanger the user and people around them.

How to use Flare correctly

The importance of ensuring that the use of beacons does not damage many parts is the best solution. For this reason, see below for the correct and safe way to use rockets.

1. Ensure safety

Before using a rocket, make sure it is in a safe place, away from danger and large areas of fire. Do not use flashlights near flammable areas such as dry grass, paper, or materials capable of causing serious fires, such as gasoline, oil, and explosives.

2. Check the rockets


Make sure the rockets are in good condition, undamaged and not expired. This is because rockets that are out of date and in poor condition will be very unstable and therefore very dangerous to use.

3. Remove the protector

Be sure to carefully remove the flare guard or cover before you start lighting the lighter and using it.

4. Turn on Flare

Carefully read the instructions on the product by rotating or pressing the lighter, so that it produces a nice colored flame. Make sure to keep the glow away from your face and body when you turn it on.

5. Keep a safe distance

After the rocket goes out, try to maintain a safe distance. Because the tool produces heat and fire that harms a person when it is too close away.

6. Carry out monitoring

Continuously monitor the blaze as long as the fire continues to burn. Keep the lighthouse safe. If it is no longer needed, it can be turned off immediately to avoid causing sparks that could burn the entire ground.


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