West Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights: Seven detainees in the Vina case transferred to Bandung

Bandung (MidLand) – The West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) said that seven people convicted in the Vina murder case have been transferred from Cirebon Prison to Banceuy Prison and the Kebonwaru Bandung Detention Center to assist in the investigation. trial by the West Java Regional Police.

“All this time in Cirebon, now in Bandung to be closer,” Robianto said in Bandung, Wednesday.

Robianto said the transfer of convicts to prisons and detention centers in Bandung was to further investigate other perpetrators still at large (DPO) in the Vina Cirebon case.

Three prisoners have now been transferred to Banceuy Prison and four prisoners have been transferred to Kebonwaru Prison, Bandung City.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Crime (Dirkrimum) of the West Java Regional Police, Kombes Pol Surawan, claimed that his party had arrested Pegi alias Perong, who was one of the three DPOs in the murder case of Vina and Muhammad Rizky o Eky in Cirebon. .

“He was (restrained) by Pegi alias Perong,” Surawan said.

Surawan revealed that the offender, who has been on the run for eight years, was arrested on Tuesday (21/5) in Bandung city. He said that currently the perpetrator has been arrested and is being examined by investigators.

“Last night (arrested) in Bandung,” he said.

West Java Regional Police also appealed to suspects still at large to surrender and warned anyone who tries to hide the suspect under penalty of criminal prosecution.

Reporter: Rubby Jovan Primananda
Editor: Edy M Yakub
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