Watching the Valorant Champions Tournament, Elon Musk is even cheered by the audience: Okezone techno

THE ANGELS – Elon Musk was spotted watching the Valorant Champions Tournament 2023 in Los Angeles, US, last weekend. Unfortunately, instead of receiving a standing ovation, Musk was cheered on by the audience.

Musk’s presence at the Shrine Expo Hall was shown in a short video uploaded by Jake Lucky to his personal X account. However, the tech entrepreneur’s presence was met with boos from the audience.

“Where it’s from, obviously it can’t come from here,” said the commentator of the tournament who saw Musk pop up on screen every few seconds.

Not content to stop there, those in the Valorant audience also shouted for Elon to “bring back Twitter.”

The commentator did not provide any response to the audience’s screams, but the sound of the screams can be heard in the footage.

The show returned to the match between the Canadian-based Evil Geniuses and Singaporean team Paper Rex, but the audience still wasn’t done with Musk.

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“Focus on the game now,” one of the announcers said before the crowd chanted “Bring back Twitter.”

Several other responses have begun to appear in the comments column of Jake Lucky’s footage at the Many of these comments did not expect that Musk’s presence would provoke a negative response from the audience and guests in attendance.

Musk himself is known for not wanting to worry about criticism against him after changing Twitter to X. He also warned that X will be different from Twitter and will become the most diverse social media. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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