Warning of dangers of artificial intelligence, Microsoft calls on government for need for regulation: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Artificial intelligence (TO THE) or intelligence has two sides of the sword. While it has benefits, there are also risks that many people worry about regarding advances in artificial intelligence.

This has also been seriously highlighted by Microsoft. According to the tech giant founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, government regulation is needed to ensure that artificial intelligence runs in the right direction.

“If we don’t regulate AI and have a regulatory framework, it will cause a disaster,” said Panji Wasmana, national head of technology at Microsoft Indonesia, in a media discussion on Wednesday (10/18/2023).

Panji said that AI regulations have been implemented in the United States. He said that US President Joe Biden has called on AI players to share the commitment to responsible AI.

He said it is very likely that AI could bring bad things if it was not regulated in the country. Furthermore, Indonesia is currently immersed in the euphoria of the political year, in which artificial intelligence can be used to create disinformation for each camp to attack each other.

“The use of AI for crimes during elections is absolutely possible. We can easily make disinformation in it. Our job is to be at the forefront of raising public awareness,” concluded Panji.

Keep in mind that cyber attacks continue to increase over time. Currently, criminals use specially designed artificial intelligence for criminal activities in the digital realm, one of which is WormGPT.

WormGPT is an AI module with features that go beyond traditional chatbots, including unlimited character support, chat memory preservation, and illegal question answering. This AI chatbot circulates widely in cybercrime forums and also on the dark web.

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