Warm weather hits throughout October, BMKG predicts November will begin the transition

TIME.CO, JakartaHeat continued to affect Indonesia in September-October. In fact, almost all regions of Indonesia experienced hot temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius. The increase in the average temperature of the climatological temperature value is uniformly distributed throughout Indonesia.

In November, BMKG It is estimated that several areas of Indonesia will enter a transition or transition period, which will cause the possibility of rain and lower air temperatures in these areas.

If you feel hot, it means your body is experiencing a perceived or apparent temperature. β€œ(That) is a term used to describe the temperature sensation felt by humans based on a combination of air temperature, humidity and other factors such as wind speed and sunlight,” said Miming Saepudin, chief of the BMKG Forecasting Working Group. He also hopes that people will maintain body stamina and an adequate level of body fluids in hot weather conditions.

Causes of high hot temperatures in Indonesia

In general, the phenomenon of high hot temperatures occurs because it is triggered by different dynamic atmospheric conditions. Like sunny weather and minimal cloud growth, especially during the day. In addition to this, the low levels of air humidity in Indonesia also contribute to these warm temperatures.


The position of the sun is also one of the factors triggering the current hot temperatures. β€œThe apparent position of the sun still shows a movement south of the equator,” Miming said on October 18, 2023. Since some parts of Indonesia are in the same area, it is natural that they are affected by the impact of solar radiation which is relatively more intense than in other regions.

Besides that, hot high temperatures are also caused by El Nino. El Nino is a climate phenomenon that can affect weather patterns in various regions. El Nino can have different impacts in all parts of the world. In Latin America, El Nino causes an increase in precipitation. However, in Indonesia El Nino causes a reduction in rainfall.

El Nino triggers drought conditions and heat in Indonesia because the dry season automatically lasts longer. BMKG estimates that El Nino conditions will continue until the end of October. Furthermore, in November there will be the transition from the dry to the rainy season.

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