Vivo V29 review with Aura Light Portrait and attractive Astro features

TIME.CO, JakartaI live launched two variants of V29 series in Indonesia viz VivoV29 and V29e, but not at the same time. Tempo briefly tested both variants. If you pay attention to the previous V27, second mobile phone it looks similar. There are only a few small differences, for example in Aura Light Portrait with Smart Lighting Control.

The V29 variant tested by Tempo was the blue variant, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage capacity. When touched on the back, the phone feels a little slippery, so it’s best to use a case for safety. The light blue color is sprinkled with fine white sparkles which gives an elegant impression.

Indoor photo shoot with Vivo V29 on the occasion of the opening of the National Culture Week at the National Gallery. Photo: Tempo/Maria Fransisca Lahur

On the gray retail box, the front has an embossed circle as an interpretation of this series’ proud Aura Light Portrait. There are no other features to be proud of other than the words 5G and it is made in Cikupa, Tangerang. The sales package includes the V29 mobile phone, transparent case, 80 W charger, data cable, warranty card, quick guide and SIM ejector.

Camera test

Tempo tested the Vivo V29 in various coverages. If Vivo boasts rear lights, Tempo has found an interesting novelty, namely astronomical photos. This appears to complement the supermoon/supermoon feature that already exists on the V27. These two features were tested during the full moon of October 27, 2023 in Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Super Moon function on Vivo V29. Photo: Tempo/Maria Fransisca Lahur

At that time, the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory held observations of celestial bodies open to residents. In the Supermoon function, the maximum magnification is only up to 20 times. Therefore, the expected results may not be large and fill the screen. However, image sharpness seems better than on the V27. This was also agreed by the management of the Jakarta Amateur Astronomy Association who had already seen the previous results.

To test the astro functionality, the celestial objects visible at that time were the Moon and Jupiter right below it. Users only need to determine the focus point, for example on the Moon. Then, the mobile phone itself calculates the shooting speed. From various experiments, the speed varies between 30-40 seconds and obviously you have to use a tripod. Please remember that the observations were made in Jakarta, which has high light pollution. If you are in a darker place, it is not impossible that the time it takes to take a photo could be more than 40 seconds.

In addition to this, another experiment consisted of photographing Saturn and its satellites by connecting a cell phone to the telescope’s eyepiece. While it’s not perfect, you can see peach-colored Saturn with its four satellites barely visible. However, when photographed with overexposure (excessive light), Jupiter turns white and the four satellites are clearly visible.


For those who want to take the V29 on holiday to a quiet place with minimal light pollution, it can certainly be a fun photoshoot of celestial objects. Likewise, potential owners living in non-urban areas can certainly photograph star trajectories more freely.

Aura light portrait

This lighting feature is available in portrait, photo, video, microfilm and professional modes. However, if you choose flash, it is also available in photo and pro modes. Users can choose whether the aura light works automatically, adapting to the available light in the location or is set manually.

Another photo

For outdoor photography, the colors produced in photos tend to be natural. However, for night photos using zoom the results are not good. Objects are not clearly visible, especially if they are moving, for example if they are dancing. The camera is safe to use at 1x size both day and night.

The presence of an 80W charger definitely adds value for users who are in a hurry to charge quickly. Tempo prefers to use a 44W charger because it feels it’s fast enough.

For users who are using Vivo around V23, V25, V27 variants and want to upgrade to V29, it seems that the feature progression is still quite close. However, if the user is coming from the Y line and wants to switch to using the V29 5G, this cell phone can be considered.

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