Viral Japanese man turns into a dog, has to spend IDR 214 million: Okezone techno

COSPLAY usually done to mimic their favorite characters, be it anime, manga or games. However, cosplay isn’t really limited to human characters.

Well, this Japanese man named Toco really dreams of becoming a dog. In fact, in order to fulfill his wish, Toco is willing to shell out a lot of money. According to Twitter account Pop Crave, Toco buys and sells dog costumes for 2 million yen or more than 214 million IDR.

Through YouTube I Want to Be an Animal, Toco shared a video of himself on a public road in a dog costume. Uniquely, this four-legged furry animal costume looks so realistic that it actually resembles a real rough collie.

Toco also moves and his gesture is just like a pet dog. Quoting from The Indian Express, Toco revealed his unique desire to become a dog since he was a child.

So, he asked Japanese company Zeppet to make a costume for dogs. The company is used to making costumes for TV and film commercials. Taco’s choice fell on the rough collie costume due to its large size.

Even though Taco really wants to be a dog, he is apparently reluctant if this is known by the people around him. Conscious taco cravings like this one are considered pretty weird.

“I don’t want my hobby to be known, especially by the people I work with. They thought it was weird that I wanted to be a dog. For the same reason I can’t show my true face,” Taco told the Daily Mail, quoted by The Indian Express, on Monday (31/7/2023).

In a 5-minute video shared by Taco on YouTube, meet real pet dogs. The dogs looked confused at Taco the weredog.

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Taco’s strangeness as a dog in this super-realistic costume caused a lot of comment. They were surprised and at the same time praised the rough collie costume worn by the Japanese.

“I have to admit. The costume is well done. The facial features are amazing,” said @al****

“This is the weirdest, craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” @e******

“This is a very realistic costume. It will fool humans who rely on sight, but not dogs who rely on smell. Dogs think, ‘This cute dog-shaped thing looks like a human,'” said @ loy **** *

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