Viral, Google advertising insinuates the new iPhone 15 using USB-C: the techno of Okezone

GOOGLE has launched its #BestPhonesForever ad campaign with a new video titled “Spa Day” that pokes fun at the lack of key features on the iPhone 15. That’s because Apple’s smartphone is expected to have just adopted USB-C as a replacement for the Lightning port .

In the announcement, Google alludes to the iPhone’s delay in using USB-C. In the commercial, the iPhone and Pixel devices are seen relaxing in a tranquil spa among towels and candles, chatting casually with each other with the rear camera covered in cucumber slices.

During a chat session that lasted about 1 minute, the white Google Pixel device appeared to mock the upcoming iPhone 15’s lack of key features and the planned adoption of USB-C as a replacement for the Lightning port.

This was done by the Pixel when the iPhone claimed that the Google Pixel could do things that the iPhone couldn’t, such as removing blur from old photos, answering unknown calls with artificial intelligence, and directly translating messages.

Here Google Pixel therefore speculates that the iPhone will also receive USB-C charging when the iPhone 15 launches, which gives the impression that the adoption of USB-C functionality is also very late.

Exceptionally, after Google launched the ad, there were many positive comments and jokes about the ad

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“HEY! It’s not too late to figure this out, right? I mean USB-C…” joked on the @IvanFNK account.

“It’s never too late to learn and develop, right? We are ready to support them [Apple]!” chimed in on the @Madebygoogle account.

For your information, Google will launch the Pixel 8 device on October 4, while the iPhone 15 will launch on September 12. Both will come with competing specs and features. (Dinda Nabilah Khumairoh Aljiyad)

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