Viral, Capcom boss says current game prices are still cheap: Okezone techno

TOKYO- President Capcom, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, made a controversial statement. In an event Tokyo game showhe said that currently the prices of the games are still cheap.

Tsujimoto said development costs today are about 100 times higher than in the Famicom era [Nintendo Entertainment System]but the prices of the games themselves haven’t increased much.

“There is also a need to increase wages. Considering the fact that wages in the industry as a whole are increasing, I think raising prices is a healthy choice for businesses,” the executive said.

While players may not want to hear it, Tsujimoto doesn’t want to smoke (because of the sound). He also has several arguments to support his claim. According to him, it is not strange that AAA games increase due to inflation.

Furthermore, today’s games also offer much more complex gameplay, and some top game titles have very large production budgets.

Game studios definitely need a way to recoup their investments and earn additional profits. So don’t be surprised if game prices increase in the future.

Launch TechspotOn Saturday (9/30/2029), what may happen is that the price of AAA games will continue to exceed 70 US dollars or the equivalent of 1 million IDR. The increase will certainly happen slowly.

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