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JAKARTA – Profession video editor they are in high demand in the industry and have quite high salaries. Not just for film production, video editors are also needed in the television and advertising industries.

The rise of video content creators on social media such as YouTubers and TikTokers also requires video editors to produce good videos so that they can attract a large audience.

A video editor takes part in the video creation process. They will collect, combine and edit videos into a single video work. This profession also requires processing elements in videos, such as background music, sound effects, graphics, selection of effects, and more.

Therefore, a video editor must be creative and have skills in using video editing applications, such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or other applications.

So, what is the salary of video editors in Indonesia in 2023? Read on to find out the salary of Indonesian video editors in 2023, summarized from different sources.

There are two salary systems for video editors as follows.

Monthly system

This monthly salary system is obtained by a permanent employee of the company or someone who employs a video editor. They usually receive a salary of around 3-6 million rupees per month.

System by project

Freelance video editors usually get paid based on the number of projects or videos they work on. They are not tied to any other companies or people, but instead open their own editing services. The average salary earned by freelance editors is around IDR 3-10 million per film project.

There are no precise stipulations on how much income a video editor can earn. However, there are several factors that influence video editors as follows.

Video component

The extent of a video editor’s income can be seen by the components used in a video. The duration, transitions, concept of the video, various effects used, graphics required and many other things affect the income earned.

Skills and experience

People who have good editing skills and have long experience in this field will get higher salaries than those who have no experience or are fresh graduates. Experienced video editors are considered more productive at work and know how to handle problems.


The factor of education level influences the salary a video editor receives. Some companies usually look for D3 or S1 level talent. This is because a video editor with a higher education is considered more competent and has high creativity.

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Regional salary standards

The salary of a video editor can be influenced by the regional minimum wage (UMR), the provincial minimum wage (UMP) and the regency/city minimum wage (UMK). This will show how each region has different salaries for video editors. The following is the salary for video editors in the regions of Indonesia with the highest UMP in 2023:

– DKI Jakarta: IDR 4,900,000
– Papua: IDR 3,864,000
– North Sulawesi: IDR 3,485,000
– Bangka Belitung: IDR 3,498,000
– South Sumatra: IDR 3,404,000
– North Kalimantan: IDR 3,251,000
-Bali: Rp2,713,000

Both beginners and professional video editors can earn different salaries depending on the company or project they work on. However, the average income of a video editor can reach IDR 51 million per year.

Beginners can earn IDR 10.8 million per year, while professional editors can earn IDR 86.7 million per year. As this is a sought-after profession by many companies and social media content creators, are you interested in becoming a video editor? (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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