Viasat says it won’t replace satellites that don’t work

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Viasat says that there are many who expect to recover less than 10% of the amount scope expected on ViaSat-3 F1, its satellite that malfunctioned during its installation last July. However, they are confident that they can meet their customers’ needs without having to replace satellite.

The US company said it has completed the majority of the capital costs of the ViaSat-3 constellation and that its capital expenditure will fall in the 2025 financial year to between $1.4 billion and $1.5 billion.

It also said it now expects to achieve sustained positive free cash flow in the first half of calendar year 2025 compared to the second half, excluding the positive impact of satellite insurance results.

Viasat, which bought British rival Inmarsat in May, said it had $420 million in insurance cover for the ViaSat-3 F1 and expected to settle its claims by the end of the year.


Actions-The group’s shares have lost around two-thirds of their value since the collapse in July.

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