Venezuela will send astronauts to the Moon following the Chinese mission

TIME.CO, Jakarta – President Venezuela Nicolas Maduro said last week that the first Venezuelan man or woman could arrive moon with a spaceship Chinese. Maduro met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on September 13.

During his state visit, Maduro saw the two countries sign a series of agreements to expand cooperation, covering sectors such as oil, trade, mining, finance and space.

The visit saw Zhang Kejian, Administrator of the China National Space Agency (CNSA), and Gabriela Jimenez, Vice President and Minister of Science and Technology of Venezuela, sign a space cooperation framework agreement, in the presence of both presidents.

Through his personal social media account, Maduro said Venezuelan astronauts will soon train in China and then go to the moon. “Our goal is towards the moon, towards a wonderful era for China and Venezuela,” Maduro tweeted, quoted by Space, September 19, 2023.

In space matters, China has increasingly demonstrated its capabilities over the past decade. China became the third country to make a successful soft landing on the Moon in 2013. It has since landed on the far side of the Moon, placed a rover on Mars and continued to build a modular space station, called Tiangong, at low quote. Earth orbit.


In the latest advances, China is now trying to build an alliance of countries to explore and potentially exploit the moon. Venezuela has become the first foreign country to join the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) project, announced jointly by China and Russia in 2021.

China did not respond to the Venezuelan astronaut’s explicit announcement. On the other hand, Pakistani officials have said that their astronauts will fly to Tiangong in 2022. However, this mission has not materialized yet.

A Washington Post report also notes that Venezuela already owes China billions of dollars, which will likely have a major impact on Venezuela’s contribution to the China-led mission. Furthermore, these circumstances would have dampened enthusiasm for further Chinese loans. Venezuela is also facing a serious economic crisis.

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