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PRICE HP The Vivo used in 2023 varies depending on condition and specifications. In general, the newer the more HP Vivo then the price will be higher.

Vivo can be said to be a newcomer that has attracted a lot of attention in a short time due to its advantages. One of Vivo’s strong points is the quality of its camera. Compared to the competition, the HP Vivo camera makes everything easier for users.

It is no surprise that Vivo cell phones are sought after by many buyers, including used ones. Below are some examples of prices of used Vivo mobile phones in 2023:

| Templates | Year of release | Price |

| Vivo V23e | 2021 | IDR 2 million – IDR 3 million |

| Vivo V23 | 2022 | IDR 2.5 million – IDR 3.5 million |

| Vivo X60 | 2020 | IDR 3 million – IDR 4 million |

| Vivo X60Pro | 2020 | IDR 4 million – IDR 5 million |

| Vivo Y755G | 2022 | IDR 2 million – IDR 2.5 million |

| Vivo Y53 | 2021 | IDR 1.5 million – IDR 2 million |

| Vivo Y35 | 2022 | IDR 1.7 million – IDR 2 million |

| Vivo Y02 | 2021 | IDR 1 million – IDR 1.5 million |

For the record, the price of a used Vivo mobile phone can also be influenced by other factors, such as physical condition, durability and availability of accessories.

Used Vivo cell phones that are still in good physical condition and have a short lifespan will be priced higher. Similarly, a used Vivo mobile phone with complete accessories will have a higher price.

Here are some tips for buying a used Vivo cell phone:

– Check the physical condition of your Vivo mobile phone carefully.

Make sure there is no damage to the screen, body or other components.

– Ask about the lifespan of your Vivo mobile phone.

A newly purchased Vivo cell phone will have a higher price than a Vivo cell phone that has been used for several years.

– Consider purchasing a used Vivo mobile phone with complete accessories.

Complete accessories can increase the sales value of Vivo mobile phone in the future.

I hope this information is useful.

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