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JAKARTA – The US government has responded to the ban on the use of iPhones by Chinese civil servants and considers the policy outrageous.

This also marks the first time the White House has responded to reports of an iPhone ban in the country.

“This appears to be an outrageous and inappropriate form of retaliation against US companies that we have seen implemented by the PRC in the past,” US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday (9/14/2023), as quoted by 9To5Mac. .

Previously, the Chinese government had rejected reports that it would ban the use of iPhones by government agencies.

However, they still criticized Apple and said they were concerned about the amount of media coverage regarding iPhone-related security incidents.

For your information, China bans central government officials from using iPhones while working. They can’t even bring cell phones into the office.

This policy has reportedly been implemented in recent weeks.

This news has not been revealed or explained publicly by the Chinese government, but it is believed to be aimed at eliminating risks to the country’s national security.

The United States itself had already boycotted several Chinese brands long before, including Huawei.

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