UPNVJ is still studying new rules for final awarding of masters and doctoral students

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The enactment of the Regulation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Permendikbud) Number 53 of 2023 on quality assurance in higher education requires all universities to adapt. One of the changes brought about by this regulation is student Masters and PhDs are no longer required to publish articles in journals.

National Development University (UPN) “Veteran” Jakarta is still reviewing this regulation. At the moment, UPNVJ have not fully implemented all the provisions in force relating to the definitive assignment.

At the undergraduate level, this campus provided options for working on final assignments other than the thesis, i.e. writing papers or managing projects. However, at the master’s and doctoral levels, the UPNVJ still requires students to have journal articles published. UPNVJ Chancellor Anter Venus explained this during a press conference at the UPNVJ Rectorate Building, Jakarta, Monday, September 4, 2023.

“We have not implemented it yet. “In the future we will see what it will be like,” Anter told the media when asked about the implementation of the new rules for the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

Anter also said that the campus might consider a certain scheme for implementing this regulation. For example, Master’s and Doctoral students are not required to publish in journals, but must do so only if they want to achieve honors upon graduation.

For this reason Anter discussed the inflation of values, which according to him is happening right now. He said that during his college days, it was difficult to get a GPA of 3.00. Then he compared it to now, where he thought it was easier to score high.


“But because it’s made easy, everything cum laude after. So perhaps it might be mandatory to publish with honors,” said Anter. “He will be studied further for S2-S3.”

So far campuses still have posting obligations. Anter said this is because it has become one of the tools to motivate students. He revealed that UPNVJ university students were also encouraged to publish.

“For the three-year degree, resources for publication, yes, even coming from research. It would be a shame if research entered the core of the library. So we encourage the publication of S1, but together with teachers. So there is a teacher who leads Usually after the thesis exam those who do not choose the article path. But if you choose the article path, it will certainly be published by SINTA 3”, Anter said.

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