Unnes students create anti-corruption themed game and win prize from KPK

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Three students from Semarang State University (Unnes) create a game with a prevention theme anti-corruption. The game was also one of the 25 finalist teams of the CIFest (Campus Integrity Festival) 2023 organized by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

The team consisting of History Education study program students Qonita Fadhila, Inez Kalyana Azmi and Mutiara Gita Cahyani with supervisor Muzakki Bashori received IDR 10 million funding to develop a simple game called Eradika: The Chronicles of Integrity.

“We hope that through the Eradika game and the anti-corruption ambassador, the values ​​of integrity and anti-corruption spirit will become more widespread in the campus environment and become sustainable good practices and culture,” Muzakki said, quoted by Unnes site. , Tuesday 17 October 2023.

The name Eradika is inspired by the English word, i.e eradicate which means ‘to eradicate’. The hope is that by playing this game, student users’ values ​​of integrity and anti-corruption will increase.

In this way, students as agents of national change will be able to provide a positive impact by participating in activities to eradicate corruption.

Game creation process

The Eradika team has started activities research and development (research and development) for this game from July to October 2023. The Corruption Elimination Commission also provides direct guidance and supervision.


The team began to carry out further internal discussions, sketching the concept of the game, developing the game, distributing needs analysis questionnaires, and implementing the game to students in the 1st and 3rd semesters of the Education and History Studies Program.

The team then lines up User experience questionnaire (UEQ) to the students, asking 3 experts (2 teachers and 1 judge) to provide an evaluation of the Eradika game and create infographics and videos of the activities.

Overall, the Eradika game has received a positive response, both from students and experts. As part of the follow-up, 4 selected students who will be most active during the game will be appointed as Anti-Corruption Ambassadors of the Department.


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