Unnes opens 10 trainings of healthcare workers until 2023 PPPK selection, placement in first clinic

TIME.CO, Jakarta -Semarang State University (Unnes) opens the doors to future healthcare workers or health workers through the selection of public employees with employment contracts (PPPK) 2023. At least 12 healthcare workers are needed in 10 positions formations who will be placed at the First Clinic in Unnes.

Consult the training and qualifications of specialists needed as healthcare workers at the First Clinic of Unnes based on advertisement no. 32817/A.A3/KP.01.01/2023 relating to the selection of the PPPK for the needs of technical personnel and health workers for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology for the fiscal year 2023.

1. Skilled – Nurse: D-III Nursing (2 people)

2. Expert – Medical Recorder: D-III Medical Recorder and Health Information, D-III Medical Recorder and Health Information, D-III Medical Recorder and Health Information, D-III Medical Recorder and Health Information, D-III Medical Recorder, D – III Medical Record and Health Information (1 person)

3. Specialized personnel – Health laboratory: D-III Pharmaceutical and food analyst, D-III Chemical analyst, D-III Chemistry (1 person)

4. Expert – Pharmacist Assistant: Pharmacy D-III (1 person)

5. First Expert – Pharmacist: Pharmacist profession (1 person)

6. First Expert – Health Epidemiologist: S-1 Public Health, S-2 Epidemiology, S-2 Public Health concentration in Epidemiology (1 person)


7. Expert – Dental and Oral Therapist: D-III Dental Nursing, D-III Dental Health, D-III Dental and Oral Therapist (1 person)

8. Expert – Midwife: D-III Obstetrics (1 person)

9. First Expert – Nurse: D-III Nursing, Nursing Profession (1 person)

10. First Expert – Doctor: Doctor Profession (2 people).

Registration for the Unnes PPPK Health Worker Selection 2023 can still be done at other agencies or institutions, i.e. via until October 6, 2023.

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