Unand is ready to hold chancellor election, following are the requirements and schedule

TIME.CO, Jakarta – University of Andalas or Unand ready to run the process election of the rector period 2023-2028. Registration will be open from early September for all interested sons and daughters of the nation.

Board Deputy Chairman Werry Darta Taifur said the term of the Chancellor of Andalas University for 2019-2023 will end on Nov. 24. “Therefore, he communicated that the election for the replacement of the current Chancellor must be held before the end of his mandate,” he said as quoted by Unand’s official website on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

According to Werry, the election, appointment, dismissal and term of office of the replacement rector this time is different from the current rector. This is because there has been a change in the status of Andalas University from a public utility agency state university (PTNBLU) to a legal entity state university (PTNBH).

Werry explained that aspects that have changed include the rector’s election regulations. For the election of the future rector, reference will no longer be made to the regulations of the Minister of Education and Culture, but according to the MWA regulation number 2 of 2023 relating to the selection, appointment, installation and removal procedures of the University Rector of Andalas.

The chancellor’s term also went from four to five years. Also, the election of the rector to replace the rector is now done by the MWA and the results are final because those who are members of the MWA, including the Minister of Education and Culture. Hence, the inauguration of the replacement Rector will subsequently be carried out by the Head of the Andalas MWA University.

Selection process

There are three processes that take place in the election of this chancellor, namely, the selection of chancellor candidates by faculty, the screening of potential candidates to become chancellors by the University Academic Senate (SAU), and the selection of registrar candidates to become registrar by MWA.

In the selection process, it is hoped that many potential candidates will register. The registration of potential candidates can be done individually and in groups of faculty who register potential candidates to advance Andalas University, both from within and without. Additionally, potential applicants who register are determined by the position of the lecturer with a lecturer having three people to choose.


Also, in the screening process to be carried out by SAU, in which a member of SAU has one vote, three candidates for chancellor who have been selected by SAU will be chosen by MWA to become chancellor.

Meanwhile, Elections Chairman Febrin Anas Ismail said that the stages for the chancellor election will start with the registration of potential candidates from September 1 to 21, 2023, verifying the completeness of potential candidates on September 21-23, 2023 , determination of candidates who pass administration on September 29, 2023, selection of potential candidates by faculty on October 3, 2023, determination of potential candidates who pass selection on October 4, 2023.

In addition, the process will continue with the screening of Chancellor candidates by SAU on October 18, 2023, determination of Chancellor candidates on October 20, 2023 until the election of Chancellor by MWA on October 31, 2023). The inauguration of the chancellor is scheduled for November 24, 2023.

Requirements for the Rector of the University of Andalas

  • believe and fear Almighty God, have Indonesian citizenship.
  • have an academic degree of Doctor (S3) awarded by an accredited national university or by a foreign university recognized by the ministry.
  • has the lowest academic position as head teacher, is 60 (sixty) years old at the end of the mandate of the current definitive Rector.
  • physically and mentally fit to perform his duties as Chancellor, as attested by a medical and psychological certificate issued by a central government hospital or the regional government.
  • never been sentenced to imprisonment based on a court decision that has permanent legal force.
  • have integrity and commitment to the development of UNAND, have minimal managerial experience as department/department head for at least 2 years.
  • have a vision. insight and interest in the development of Unand.
  • understand the higher education system, willing to be appointed Rector, as stated in writing.
  • currently not undergoing study assignments for more than 6 semester months or study permits under further study leaving tridharma higher education duties stated in writing and for applicants from outside Unand
  • must include a letter of approval for the candidacy of the Rector of the university concerned.

Werry hopes that the Chancellor-elect can run fast to achieve the goals set in the meaning of World Class University (WCU) and increase the welfare of Unand’s faculty and employees.

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