Unair has implemented the thesis-free degree, PIMNAS champions do not write theses

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Rector of the University of Airlangga o unair Surabaya Mohammad Nasih said his campus has been implementing a no-thesis graduation policy as per the rector’s regulation since 2020.

“Those who won PIMNAS (National Student Science Week) did not write a thesis, because it is not easy to win PIMNAS. So, if their results have been tested in society, there is no need to re-present them. This was given by by the Chancellor three or four years ago, so that they can pass without a thesis,” Nasih said in Surabaya, East Java, Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023.

Previously, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) through Permendikbudristek Issue 53 of 2023 on Quality Assurance in Higher Education issued a policy of obtaining a university diploma or a master’s degree without thesis .

Nasih said that to implement the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding writing a thesis, it is no longer a requirement that a degree has been included in the general provisions of the latest UNAIR guidelines for 2023-2024 .

“This thesis has been replaced with the term final project or final study work. This final study work may take the form of a written document reflecting the learning experiences of students from D3 to S1 or of applied undergraduate students in the form of final assignments, thesis and other names such as reports, projects or product prototypes,” he said.

The completion of this final work is still under the direction and guidance of the lecturer or the study programme, whether it can be completed with a thesis, final assignment or project.

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The prototype can replace the thesis


For the final assignments based on prototypes, the rules contained in the guidelines must be prepared starting from semester 6, choosing courses related to product prototypes, because for product prototypes it takes a long time to prepare the structure for the finished product.

“Three months is not enough. If the students are prepared in the eighth semester, nothing will be achieved (prototype products will not be perfect). So, including the supervisor, the ideas of the prototypes and product structures must have been finalized to starting from the sixth semester,” he explained. she said.

According to him, writing a thesis remains the easiest option for students. Because making a prototype or a project is not an easy thing.

“Just do it prototype It’s not an easy thing, only brilliant and creative people can do it. “Maybe we can encourage more, for example startups or maybe entrepreneurship,” she said.

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