UI Movement for Teaching Class 13 Select Pesawaran Lampung Regency as the target point for action

TIME.CO, Jakarta – This year, the Indonesian University Teaching Movement or Teaching UI motion entering the 13th generation. An inauguration will be held on Tuesday 12 September 2023 with
with the theme “Indonesian Educational Problems: The Quality Gap Guru Going to
Comprehensive education”.

The inauguration activity is an annual activity that symbolizes the official opening of the activities of the UI Mengajar Movement. The event was full of speeches.

On that occasion, Nuril Furkan, as representative of the Directorate of Secondary Education and Special Education Teachers of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, stated that close attention must be paid to the rate of participation in education in Indonesia, from middle to high level. “Policies for equitable distribution and expanding access to education need a deeper approach,” he said in a UI statement.

Nuril also highlighted the role of students in realizing educational equality because they still have ideals in this regard. “Nothing changes the condition of a people except the people themselves,” she said.

Paulus Wirutomo, professor of Sociology of Education at FISIP UI, underlined the importance of the school’s function as a social elevator. According to him, schools play an important role in raising a person’s social status and position.

Therefore, UI Mengajar Movement can be part of community service to create a better life for society through education in schools. Especially considering that not all schools have enough teachers or facilities.

“Efforts to go to the regions due to teacher shortages can solve the problem. Even if it doesn’t solve the problem, the activity of going to the regions to teach is already something that has an impact,” Paulus said.


Hikmat Hardono as president of Indonesia Mengajar conveyed the message that the activities of the UI Mengajar movement have a very important and significant role for education in Indonesia. “We must not underestimate what we do, we must not underestimate what we do in the village. Maybe we cannot solve the problem at the educational table, but there in a few weeks you have formed simple fundamentals but you have become an example for the people there, a figure of an intelligent person who
can be a role model for them,” Hikmat said.

Aside from that, Hikmat said that the ideal of Indonesia Mengajar is to produce citizens who are intelligent not only in formal and academic teaching, but also in informal education such as character.

Teaching UI motion
Batch 13 is said to bring a new spirit in carrying out community service which focuses on the education of children at the primary school level. In its thirteenth year, the UI Mengajar Movement has designated the area of ​​Pesawaran Regency, Lampung, as the target point of the action to be held in January 2024.

“With this event it is hoped that the great dream of equitable distribution of education in Indonesian primary schools can be realized,” said Heidera, CEO of the UI Mengajar movement.
Lot 13.

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