UI Inaugurates 2 Professors of the Faculty of Law, Talking about Capitalism and Corporate Sustainability

TIME.CO, Jakarta – University of Indonesia (user interface) inaugurated by two professors from the Faculty of Law, Kurnia Toha and Yetty Komalasari, at the Djokosoetono FHUI Auditorium, UI Depok Campus, on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

UI Professor Council (DGB) chairman Harkristuti Harkrisnowo said Kurnia Toha was the 34th professor and Yetty Komalasari was the 35th professor to be inaugurated this year.

While the total UI professors reached 369 people. In this inauguration ceremony, Kurnia Toha delivered a speech titled Moderation of capitalism, corporate competition law and community welfare.

He communicated that the Business Competition Law plays a role in at least two aspects to improve people’s welfare. First, maintain the conditions for healthy competition.

As described earlier, competition between firms will encourage business actors to reduce production costs or efficiency, promote technological developments or innovations that provide better services.

Thus, he said, competition between economic actors causes consumers to obtain goods or services at competitive or cheaper prices, better quality and more diverse goods, so that business actors are more advanced and increase production.

Secondly, by applying the law of competition between companies, in particular by preventing the abuse of a dominant position by hindering agreements.

Meanwhile Yetty Komalasari read a speech titled Transforming Economic Law: Corporate Sustainability in Trade and Investment.


He said there is a tendency in Indonesia’s regulatory structure to value guidance in a legal framework that supports the interests of capital owners, such as liberalization through the job creation law.

The existence of the Covid-19 pandemic shows how economic interests happen on all fronts, including essential services such as education and healthcare. This inequality is a real problem in Indonesia.

A decade ago Pfitzer, Bockstette and Stamp in the Harvard Business Review argued that global corporations should and have instilled social interest goals in society.

Therefore, he said, companies need to create shared values ​​between stakeholders and shareholders and society. Thus, the basis for the existence of the corporations in this contemporary era is not only the increase in profits of the capital owners but also the increase in value and achievement of the social goals of these corporations in the society.

In this case, Yetty affirmed that concept corporate sustainability it must be strengthened in the balance between profits for capital owners on the one hand and the social interests of society, human rights and environmental interests in the context of commercial and investment law in Indonesia.

Among the guests, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia for the three-year period 2009-2014, Boediono; Chief Justice of the Civil Section of the Supreme Court Nurul Elmiyah and Chief Justice of the State Administrative Section of the Supreme Court Cerha Bangun.

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