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TWITTER in fact, it changed its name and logo to X, which is considered a new beginning. X owner Elon Musk called the idea of ​​changing the logo to an “X” to embody the imperfections in all of us that make us unique.

However, some people suspect that there is another purpose behind the logo change. It’s no surprise, then, that conspiracy theories are emerging around this logo switch. Also, Elon Musk is also a fan of conspiracy theories.

Well, the latest conspiracy theory comes from the owner of the Twitter account, @DokterTifa. In his tweet, Dr. Tifa feels uncomfortable whenever he uses Twitter. He felt as if he was being watched by a strange, incompletely shaped X.

“Turns out after being mirrored, the full symbol appears. Add ilfil hee,” he tweeted.

The results of the mirror that Dr. Tifa did were truly amazing. The X logo, which is juxtaposed with the mirror-image results, actually produces a new logo, namely the one-eyed triangle-shaped Illuminati symbol.

Unsurprisingly, many of Dr. Tifa’s followers agree, although there are also many who ridicule them because they think it makes sense.

“They always work using symbols. And this is the same as Facebook. Different professions but working under the same roof,” wrote Twitter account owner @AriessTruss.

“A conspiracy,” Twitter account owner @kaqtus tweeted.

Meanwhile, there were also a lot of people making fun of Dr. Tifa’s tweets. They even asked Dr. Tifa to delete her Twitter account because it was proven that she had an Illuminati connection.

“Yes ma’am, this is an Illuminati symbol, I’ll be done soon ma’am,” tweeted Twitter account owner @aldapstsr.

“This is Wahyudi’s logo ma’am, hurry up and delete your account,” Twitter account owner @elgambrito added.

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It is well known that Illuminati logos are often a very popular popular discussion among the public. This is because Illuminati symbols are often seen as mysteriously present in different places and objects around the world.

One of the most popular is the Illuminati’s one-eye symbol found on the dollar bill. Previously, Elon Musk created the X logo by providing opportunities for all his Twitter followers to design the X logo.

It just provides guidelines so that the logo has a strong Art Deco style. “X’s strong design style should be Art Deco,” Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter account.

Of the various works presented, in the end Elon Musk settled for the X logo made by his close friend who is also a Tesla investor, Sawyer Merritt.

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