Twitch platform bans its streamers from promoting CS:GO : Okezone techno gambling sites

PLATFORM Amazon’s streaming service, Twitch, has new rules that are active immediately and must be obeyed by streamers. Twitch is now banning its streamers from promoting sites deemed to “gambling” Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins.

In the CS: GO game, gambling and skin trading (exchange) are very common. In fact, this practice has become a business among CS:GO players.

CS:GO skins are quite expensive for an in-game item. The price is high from a dealer because the leather is considered rare and hard to get.

For this reason, many CS:GO players turn to skin gambling sites, where they can have the opportunity to throw items, hoping to hit a jackpot, much like a slot machine. Of course players have to pay some money in the real world.

Seeing this situation, Twitch now bans its streamers from collaborating with related sites.

Remember, quite a few underage players are consumed by trading sites, which promise rare skin rewards.

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Is Twitch allowed to get endorsements from skin gambling sites, like CS:GO skin?

No, promoting or sponsoring skin gambling sites is prohibited by our community guidelines,” reads a Twitch Community Help update, reported by Kotaku.

Obviously this is bad news for streamers who work with trading or skin gambling sites. One of the big names that could be affected by this regulation is G2 Esports.

German esports organization, G2 Esports, has just announced a partnership with website CSGORoll. The site bills itself as a commercial marketplace for CS:GO skins.

Unfortunately, there is a slot machine practice of getting skins on the site. And if Twitch treats CSGORoll as a gambling site, it’s not impossible for G2 Esports to lose revenue.

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