Tricks to finish GTA San Andreas PC, quick win guaranteed: Okezone techno

LINE rigged tomatoes game GTA San Andreas You can try via PC to win faster.

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas is a game that has missions to complete. However, there are also tricks for GTA San Andreas on PC, useful for finishing the game in an instant.

As is known, GTA has many tricks that can be tried to make the game easier for players.

Starting from gun immunity cheat, vehicle cheat, anti-police cheat and so on.

– The following is the final cheats tutorial on GTA San Andreas PC.

At the beginning of the game, each player will see a scene where Carl Johnson (CJ) gets off the plane and the suitcases he is carrying are mixed up. In this scene, CJ will be arrested and placed in a police car. Make sure you don’t miss this scene until the end.

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CJ is then picked up by the police and the scene changes to a conversation taking place in the car. At this time use the “ROCKETMAN” cheat to remove the jetpack from the car.

When he gets to the location where CJ will be thrown, he will stay in the car so that the game starts later and CJ and the police will die.

Wait until this scene ends and the player will come back to life and the cheat will finish using it.


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