TrendForce: Foldable phones will control 5% of the market by 2027

TIME.CO, JakartaTrendForcean analysis and consultancy company, estimates foldable phone will have an increasingly larger share calculated from the remaining part of 2023 to the next five years.

Trendforce estimates that foldable cell phone shipments in 2023 will reach 18.3 million units, or a market share of 1.6%. Meanwhile, in 2027, that number will grow to 70 million, or 5% of the global smartphone market.

The foldable devices market will increase due to various factors, such as lower production costs and increased availability from Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Due to the reduction in prices of components, especially panels and hinges, the retail prices of foldable devices will also fall, below $1,000, or around 15.8 million rupees.

If you look at the brand, SAMSUNG it is expected to sell 12.5 million foldable phones this year, controlling two-thirds of the market, down from 82% market share in 2022. Chinese competitors such as Huawei, with expected shipments of 2.5 million ( 14% market share) and Oppo and Xiaomi (5% and 4% respectively) were the main reasons for Samsung’s weak sales.


The main reason Samsung dominated beyond the early stages was the pandemic and the Chinese manufacturer’s conservative approach to overseas shipments. Currently, most Chinese brands only offer their foldable devices locally, and when they are ready to expand overseas, the overall foldable device market will grow.

And what about Apple? There are currently no products that deal with bending. But analysts predict that a foldable iPhone won’t arrive until component makers perfect minor issues, such as panel flatness and hinge design.

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