To avoid the impact of smoke from forest and land fires, the working hours of the ASN in Central Kalimantan have been changed

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Air quality in Central Kalimanta is deteriorating due to forest and land fires Forest and land fires. To anticipate the impact on society, Provincial government Central Kalimantan make changes to the working hours of state public employees.

“The working hours of employees have been postponed, starting at 08:00 WIB and ending at 15:30 WIB,” said Central Kalimantan Regional Secretary Nuryakin, Saturday, September 29, 2023.

The postponement of working hours is due to the fact that at 07:00 WIB, which is normal working hours, smoke from forest and land fires is often quite dense. The increasingly dense smoke conditions make the air quality in several areas of Central Kalimantan very unhealthy and there are fears that this could cause health problems for the community, including ASNsuch as upper respiratory tract infections (ARI) and other diseases.

This decision is reported in the regional secretary’s circular letter (SE) number: 800/352/IV.1/BKD dated 29 September 2023 communicating changes to the working hours of ASN and contract workers within the government provincial of Central Kalimantan.

Regarding the implementation of working hours in regional general hospitals and health UPTs, the heads of each regional apparatus can set their own hours during the haze disaster. This happens without compromising the quality of public services.


“We call on the ASN and contract workers to reduce outdoor activities for the time being, including physical fitness exercises every Friday,” Nuryakin said.

Nuryakin also asked that the morning and afternoon roll call, as well as Monday ceremonies and combined roll calls be canceled during the disaster conditions. “This provision will be effective October 2, 2023 until the weather or environment improves,” he said.

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