Tito Karnavian praises the technology of the Phinisi Bulukumba ship, recognized by UNESCO

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian praised Bulukumba Regency as a special area because besides having a beautiful sea, the area has a manufacturing center finished ship or a Phinisi boat in Tanah Lemo, Bontobahari district.

“Bulukumba is special because it has Phinisi. The Phinisi I met in Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo and Bali, were all from Bulukumba,” Tito said in his statement in Makassar on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

Tito said that Bulukumba is a special area due to the existence of the phinisi shipbuilding which UNESCO has designated as an Intangible World Cultural Heritage.

Tito’s presence in Bulukumba was part of the movement to distribute red and white flags by 10 million people in Bira. However, one of the appointments while he and his wife were in Bulukumba was a visit to the shipbuilding center or Phinisi boats in Tanah Lemo, Bontobahari district.

Home Minister Tito Karnavian and his wife Tri Suswati headed to the Tanah Lemo Naval Shipyard after visiting the Ammatoa Kajang customary area.

Arriving at the place, Tito Karnavian, accompanied by the regent and the deputy regent of Bulukumba, boarded one of the large Phinisi vessels currently under construction. To board the ship, the former national police chief stepped over a wooden plank that was installed alongside the ship’s deck.

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Tito Karnavian praised the expertise of Phinisi shipbuilders


While on the ship, Tito Karnavian has been seen time and time again to capture this momentum with his wife. He also praised the experience of the people of Bulukumba in building Phinisi vessels.

Phinisi’s noble value, Tito said, is that we must imitate the Bulukumba people.

“They are real fighters, because with their phinisi they dare to sail around the world. We have to emulate it as a nation of fighters,” she explained.

Bulukumba’s regency was named Ministry of the Interior The Republic of Indonesia hosted the apex of the National Movement for the Distribution of 10 Million Red and White Flags which was attended by local governments from all over Indonesia.

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