Tips for restructuring your finances by investing in BRImo

Jakarta (MidLand) – Greater financial conditions of the poles often occur during Ramadan, especially before Eid. The budget spent also tends to be larger, starting from sending hampers to relatives until returning home to their hometown.

There are many factors that cause a person’s finances to “collapse” during Ramadan, including increased needs and rising prices of goods. Besides that, the “false calm” due to THR money is also the cause of increased expenses during the fasting month.

Now that Eid is over, it’s time to reorganize your finances using the remaining Eid allowances. One of these is investing in BRImo.

BRImo offers various investment options that you can consider to improve your financial condition. From deposits to gold investments, BRImo has options suited to various investment objectives and risk profiles. Besides that, you can easily monitor all your investment portfolios via your investment dashboard or using KSEI features.

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Do you want to invest now? Here are the options!

1. Deposit

A surefire way to save money is to place it in a deposit. BRImo offers competitive interest rates for deposits, which can provide better potential returns than saving money in a regular savings account.

The interest rate on deposits at BRImo varies depending on the investment period chosen. The longer the term of the deposit, the higher the interest rate offered.

The following is a guide to opening a deposit on BRImo:

  • Log in to BRImo and select the “Investments” menu.
  • Select “Deposits,” then open a deposit account
  • Checklist of product terms and conditions
  • Enter the initial placement, duration and type of deposit extension
  • Confirm the transaction by entering your PIN

2. No

Gold has been recognized as a stable investment instrument. BRImo also features a gold investment feature that allows you to open a gold savings account, buy and sell, as well as an automatic debit service to save gold regularly based on the desired period and amount.

The most interesting thing is that on BRImo you can even buy gold starting from 10 thousand IDR.

The following is a guide to opening gold savings on BRImo:

  • Log in to BRImo and select the “Investments” menu.
  • Select “Gold”
  • Click “Start”
  • Detailed information regarding your gold savings will appear
  • Enter your personal data
  • Enter the initial deposit amount. Select the Pawn Shop branch Account Management
  • Confirm the transaction with your PIN and the transaction is successful.

If you want to buy gold on BRImo, here are the guidelines:

  • Click “Buy Gold” in the “Investment” feature on the BRImo application
  • Enter the nominal purchase price
  • Confirm the transaction with your PIN and the transaction is successful

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3. Customer Fund Plan (RDN)

The BIS Client Fund Account (RDN) is a savings account used to complete securities transactions in the capital market.

With BRImo you can open RDNs online for clients who do not have an investment account at BRI Danareksa Sekuritas. Open RDN Service is a feature for opening securities and RDN accounts online through BRImo, in collaboration with BRI Danareksa Sekuritas to provide convenience to customers looking to invest in the capital market.

The following is a guide to register for RDN on BRImo:

∙ Click “Open RDN” in the BRImo application

∙ Accept the terms and conditions for opening a securities account

∙ Take photos and selfies with your ID card

∙ Enter your personal and work details

∙ Select a risk profile

∙ Select BRI branch and BRI Danareksa as your account manager

∙ Confirm the transaction with PIN and the Securities Account Opening was successful.

4. National Titles (SBN)

Retail Government Bonds (SBNs) are an investment instrument in the form of government debt securities for individual investors with guaranteed interest payments, returns and principal repayment guaranteed by the government.

The Retail Government Bonds (SBN) feature in BRImo is a new feature of the BRImo application that makes it easier for customers to purchase retail SBNs and verify SBN ownership from purchases through BRI Bank’s previous distribution partners.

The SBN Retail Purchase Service is an SBN Retail online purchase function directly connected to the e-SBN system of the Ministry of Finance.

The following is a guide to SBN transactions with BRImo:

  • The customer previously had an online SBN user with SID and SRE status already established.
  • Before being able to carry out SBN transactions on BRImo, investors are advised to go through the investor registration process with the E-SBN of the Ministry of Finance by accessing under the Investor Management > Registration menu.
  • Once the Ministry of Finance’s investor registration process is completed on the SBN website, investors will be able to place orders via the BRImo application during the government’s offer period.
  • Customers log in to the BRImo application, select the investment menu, select E-SBN, select buy SBN.
  • Choose an SBN product that has an active offer period.
  • Enter the nominal purchase price of SBN.
  • Make sure investors have confirmed the terms and conditions for purchasing SBN products.
  • When the nominal amount is appropriate, proceed to payment.

Payment for SBN purchase on BRImo follows two provisions where if SBN purchase is still less than the card payment limit, MPN payment for SBN purchase can be completed directly on BRImo application, but if SBN purchase is higher than card limit, so MPN payment for SBN purchase is made at the nearest BIS business unit.

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5. Financial Institutions Pension Fund (DPLK)

Through BRImo you can open a DPLK account to better prepare for retirement. DPLK is a way to ensure financial security in old age.

The investment options for DPLK vary from BRI Money Market DPLK, BRI Fixed Income DPLK, BRI Stock DPLK and Sharia Balanced BRI DPLK. Benefits for participants include the following:

  • In the context of financial planning.
  • Tax-free investment returns.
  • Optimal return on investment.
  • Ease and flexibility in choosing investment packages.
  • Very simple and transparent access to the investment portfolio.

The following is the BRIFINE guide on BRImo:

  • Log in to BRImo and select “Investment”, then select “DPLK”
  • Select ‘Open new BRIFINE’
  • Fill in your social security and employment information
  • Confirmation of data, KTP photo and terms and conditions checklist
  • The opening is successful and the DPLK BRIFINE Account will appear on the home page.

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6. Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI)

Investing in the capital market can also be an interesting option. On BRImo you can open a KSEI account and start investing in the capital market quickly and easily.

The following is a guide to opening an Indonesian Securities Central Depository Account (KSEI) at BRImo:

1. Log in to BRImo

2. Select the Investment menu: after logging in to the BRImo application, search for and select the menu relating to investments or financial products.

3. Select KSEI: In the investment menu, look for the option to open a KSEI account. There will usually be instructions or a guide to walk you through this process.

4. Enter information: Enter the required information, such as personal information and financial information needed to open a KSEI account.

5. Identity Verification: After entering your information, you may be asked to verify your identity through a process determined by BRImo.

6. Wait for approval: After completing all the steps, wait for BRImo approval to open your KSEI account.

​​​​​​7. Account Activation: Once approved, your KSEI account will be activated and you will receive a KSEI account number which can be used to invest in the capital market.

​​​​​​​There is no better time than now to start investing. By using your remaining THR and choosing one of the investment options offered by BRImo, you can begin your journey to more stable finances and a brighter future.

​​​​​​​So, don’t hesitate to invest in BRImo. Don’t have BIS savings yet? You can open savings on BRI via BRImo. Downloads BRImo is officially on the Google Play Store, App Store and Huawei App Gallery, as well as following the Instagram account @bankbri_id for more information.

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Reporter: Maria Rosari Dwi Putri
Publisher: Siti Zulaikha
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