Tips for preparing for a career in the best company

Jakarta (MidLand) – Professional networking website LinkedIn shares a series of tips for workers preparing to build careers in top companies, both domestically and internationally.

“Today most companies require a combination difficult skill AND soft skills which is good for a career in this dynamic world of work,” LinkedIn career expert Serla Rusli said in an official statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Rusli said the first step workers need to take is to optimize their attractive profiles and portfolios on job search accounts such as on Linkedin. This is very important to attract the interest of recruiters or companies opening job offers.

In it you will be able to start talking about your professional experience in an interesting way. For example, through premium artificial intelligence tools to create title and an extraordinary section.

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Next, highlight the areas that interest you. Recruiters who see your profile will look for things that interest you because they want to find candidates who have the same interests as the available vacancies.

After you have compiled your profile as attractive as possible, make sure you have researched various things related to the company. For example, understanding the vision and mission of the company, the work culture applied and the values ​​that workers adhere to while working.

Having a good understanding of the company will help you go through the interview process smoothly.

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Then, start building a network (networking) with that company’s employees. It is possible to request references regarding the work carried out by the company.

Don’t forget to continue developing your skills. Nowadays, recruiters are increasingly focusing on skills-based hiring, especially with the ever-increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Highlight the skill important things like problem solving, communication or artificial intelligence in CVs and interviews. You can also learn new skills on LinkedIn Learning,” he said.

In addition to providing tips for working at top companies, Linkedin just released a list Best Companies 2024 third edition for Indonesia revealing the 15 best companies where professionals can develop their careers, information on the skills these companies currently need to increase their chances of finding work.

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This list is compiled based on eight factors, such as advancement ability, skill growth, company stability, external opportunities, relationships with the company, gender diversity, educational background and employee presence in the country.

The fifteen companies are PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, Telkom Indonesia, PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk, eFishery, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, Reckitt, Procter & Gamble, PT DJARUM, Philip Morris International and The Coca-Cola Company.

Then there are Infineon Technologies, ExxonMobil, Nestlé, Alphabet Inc. and PT Kino Indonesia Tbk.

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