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JAKARTA – Not many people know how to create colorful text on WhatsApp. The reason is that, by coloring the writing, the appearance of WhatsApp will be fresher than the standard version.

Creating colorful writing on WhatsApp can be done in a few simple steps. All you need is to install a third-party application that supports this feature.

Although WhatsApp itself does not offer a feature to create colorful writing in the application, there are currently many third-party applications that can be used. One of them is an application called WhatsBlue Text.

So how do you do it? Here is the review.

– First of all, download and install WhatsBlue Text application in the app store;

– Open the WhatsBlue Text application then select the Fancy Text option;

– Continue by clicking on the Start Writing button and then typing the message in the WhatsBlue text application;

– Click on the Blue Text font to send the message with the blue font;

– After that three options will appear, namely Copy Text, WhatsApp Text and Share Text;

– Click on WhatsApp text to send messages on the Facebook messaging platform;

– After clicking on the WhatsApp button, the application will open and select the friend you want to send a colorful message to.

Well, here’s how to create colorful text on WhatsApp. Like, easy right? I hope the method is useful.

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