TikTok’s sophisticated way to filter content related to the war between Israel and Hamas: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Tick ​​tock it has reportedly prepared several ways to filter content related to the war between Israel and Hamas. This is also TikTok’s commitment to overcome challenges related to misleading or violent content that could circulate in a mass conflict.

Reported by the site GizmoChinaTuesday (10/17/2023) regarding this issue, TikTok is currently focusing on agility and global expertise by creating a new command center.

Through the new command center, TikTok moderates approximately 40,000 security experts on its global team. This combination of experts aims to ensure that TikTok’s response is not only rapid, but also culturally sensitive and globally effective.

Not only that, TikTok is also known to invest in language-specific moderation by hiring more moderators who are fluent in Arabic or Hebrew. The goal is to better identify harmful content and provide a more nuanced filtering system. Therefore, there are considerations of linguistic and cultural subtleties that general algorithms may not capture.

On the other hand, TikTok is known to have taken technological measures to combat false information in the ongoing conflict. TikTok not only deletes videos, but also provides an opt-in screen that works to limit graphic content that serves the public interest.

Going forward, TikTok will reportedly continue to increase restrictions on misleading content in its application. It not only reacts to crises such as the conflict between Israel and Hamas, but also plans a safer digital future for its global audience.

Most recently, it was reported that TikTok will soon introduce misinformation warnings in various languages, starting with English, Hebrew, and Arabic. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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